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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Protect Your Business with Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Presentation is everything when it comes to business, and this includes more than just the personal presentation of your executives and employees. The condition and upkeep of your offices, storefront or other public-facing property says a lot about your business and your dependability.

That’s why getting commercial carpet cleaning in Naperville and other Chicago-area cities is essential for the best businesses to operate and thrive. This is especially true if your business includes a storefront or other area that is frequented by customers or potential clients.

Carpet Cleaning Issues

The carpet is one of the easiest aspects of your property to get dirty – and neglect – over time. Unlike other areas of your business that you can temporarily close off for intensive cleaning, the carpet tends to be a consistently used feature at all hours of business. Employees and customers have to get from point A to point B, after all.

What makes carpet cleaning even more difficult is after cleaning takes place, it’s incredibly easy to get it dirty again if the cleaning method involves too much water or moisture. That means that even within a day of getting the carpet cleaned, it can go back to being dirty again by the next day.

How We Are Different

We are sensitive to these issues and make it a point to consider your real business needs during the cleaning process. We make carpet cleaning as least disruptive as possible in the following ways.

  • We evaluate what type of fiber and weave your carpet has, then determine whether water-heavy cleaning methods are necessary.
  • We use specialty low-moisture cleaning systems that are optimized to clean just as well as the high-moisture ones.
  • Our truck-mounted drying system can dry your carpet in about an hour – which is much quicker than the typical 1 to 3-hour time-frame given by other carpet cleaners.
  • Our cleaning methods involve no harmful cleaning products, meaning they don’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Protecting Your Business Assets

Another way that we help protect your business through commercial carpet cleaning is by making sure we use cleaning methods that will not harm your property. Some carpet makers specify certain cleaning methods, otherwise the warranty on the carpet is void.

For example, all 2008 carpets made by the companies Shaw, Mohawk and Beaulleu dictate which chemicals and which drying methods are allowed. We provide both, meaning we are one of the very few carpet cleaners in the Chicagoland area that can service these carpets.


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