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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning NapervilleExecutive Green Carpet Cleaning based in Naperville, Illinois is considered is to be one the top carpet cleaning businesses in Illinois. As a highly rated family owned business, our company is proud of our long history in the carpet cleaning industry and of providing the highest level of service to our Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Naperville Illinois and in dozens of neighboring communities. Our company has almost 30 years of experience in the art and science of carpet cleaning and we continue to improve our methods and service at every opportunity. If your carpet needs attention, we ask that you give us the opportunity to show you how we differ from other carpet cleaners.

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Carpet cleaning has evolved over the years. Anyone with an inexpensive, lightweight carpet cleaning machine can call himself a carpet cleaner. In fact, almost any supermarket or hardware store offers hourly rentals on some very sub-standard carpet cleaning machines. Those units tend to make a lot of noise as they throw down volumes of unfiltered water laced with a perfumed detergent to mask the odors they couldn’t remove. The machines would then suck up some, certainly never enough of that dirty rinse water.

The reality is that many of our competitors left more filthy water on the carpet then they evacuated, so that When the carpet eventually dried after several hours or even days, much of the dirt, grime and the offensive odors and countless allergens and bacteria were left deeply saturated in the matte of the carpet. Not a good thing. Fortunately our company,

Executive Green Carpet Cleaning takes an entirely different approach. Our objective is to provide a cleaning experience matched by no other. We eliminate virtually every drop of H20 so that your carpets can dry in minutes not hours.

That was the goal of our founder, Dave Rampage who had a first-hand opportunity to witness just how other production line carpet cleaning companies conducted their business.

Dave’s quest to be the best in the industry started with the finest equipment and thorough training of his employees (his Kids) and other staff members. We are one of only thirty certified carpet cleaning firms in the state. As an IICRC Certified Master Cleaner, we maintain the most rigid standards in the industry. Unlike many fly-by-night operators, we are licensed, fully insured-and for your peace of mind, offer a warranty on our work. It is rare that our cleaning technicians are called back to complete a job or take care of missed spots. Our motto is once and done.

Our conscientious technicians treat your home or business as if it were their own, taking extra care and all the time needed to complete the task. They take a number of additional steps and precautions to ensure a super clean conclusion, including a multi-step process using purified water in the final rinse to guarantee that you will be left with the ultimate clean carpet.

While the residential market has always been our original focus, the commercial end of the category has become increasingly important. Retailers all across Chicagoland realize the importance of first impressions. As such, they know that a customer’s first impression of their business is the carpet that greets them.

Imagine stepping into an exclusive, high-end jewelry store where you encounter a filthy coffee stained carpet and a trail of mud encased footprints. Not a great impression at all.

Our success cleaning carpets for a wide range of retailers has provided us with an added benefit. Those retailers and businesses that we have worked with over the years have become an important source of new leads, as those customers often refer us to their customers who are looking for a great carpet cleaner.

Executive Green is the ultimate Green carpet cleaning machine. We have broadened our market appeal by offering several other key services that go hand in hand with our original concept. Besides Carpet Cleaning, we are a leader in:

  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet and Rug Dyeing 
    Oriental Carpets require special care. Thanks to our status as an accredited and licensed carpet cleaner, we are fully aware of the need for special handling. Your oriental rug is taken to our facility where it is meticulously washed, rinsed, dried and groomed before returning it to you. How careful are we? See what our owner has to say about it.

    “I promise I will treat your rug with tender loving care and will be happy to email you pictures of me washing your rug or any step along the way. I personally wash every rug myself.”


Often forgotten are the upholstered furniture pieces in your home. Some of those pieces take substantial abuse during the course of a day. Families and specifically teen agers have take to eating meals while sitting on an upholstered couch or chair. Pizza grease and other food stains can be found on the arms and cushions of furniture. Dirty jeans and shoes are often placed on sofa cushions and beverages are spilled. Homeowners often resort to store bought products to remove those stains. Unfortunately, those products can be quite toxic and will actually damage the upholstery fabric. The worst part is that many of the deeply embedded stains soon return.

Fortunately, our Naperville Illinois-based Commercial & Residential Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service has the ability to safely and thoroughly clean your furniture and return it to its former glory. Here’s why.

We use a detergent-free, non-soapy pre-spray to help prevent your furniture from collecting dirt and dust like a magnet once the cleaning is over.
We rinse only with purified and deionized water.
Our cleaning products are Green Seal Certified – they have no volatile organic compounds (VOC).

We use tools made specifically for upholstery to clean your furniture,
Our advanced drying techniques remove greater amounts of moisture.

We urge you to avoid the many store-bought cleaning agents, as they often do more damage than good. The old adage “you get what you pay for certainly holds true”.


One of the original methods of cleaning ceramic tile and grout is the back breaking toothbrush approach. People have been known to spend hours on their knees scrubbing the dirt and grease embedded in their grout. Their main tool – a toothbrush, with which they can scrub away an inch at a time. Sound like fun? Hardly. If you are serious about restoring your tile and grout to like new condition, call Executive Green.

For The Best Results, Call Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning in Naperville Illinois today. Here’s why…

We pre-spray your tile and grout with a specially formulated solution which breaks down the soil trapped deep within the porous grout lines.
Our solution is agitated into the grout lines and allowed to dwell for 10-15 minutes.
Your tile and grout get a final rinse with our high-pressure tool and water around 250 degrees.

With our service, not a single toothbrush is injured or destroyed.


It is possible to change a room’s appearance by changing the color of your carpeting.The process can also cover deep rooted stains that don’t respond to cleaning. This is a process not to be done by amateurs. In our experience hands, we can restore or change your rug’s appearance with carefully selected dyes that won’t run or rub off on stockings or clothing. We use products that are safe. This is a much less expensive option than buying new carpeting. It’s certainly worth discussing.

Protect Your Business with Commercial Carpet Cleaning
The way you keep up the appearance of your business, be it your office, showroom, storefront or any other area that has public exposure in your facility says a lot about you. Certainly, carpeting fits squarely in that equation.

Carpet cleaning issues
One way of thinking is that a dirty carpet indicates a lot of traffic. That’s a misnomer. No one likes dirt. In the past, businesses have held off on having their carpets cleaned because of the inconvenience and the time it takes for the carpet to dry. Under the old methods, carpets that were cleaned were not allowed to dry enough because of customers waiting to make their charge. Eager merchants often allow customers to walk on the wet carpet which will appear dirty again in a matter of a few hours.

How are we different?

We are students of the carpet cleaning industry. Our experience has taught us how to make our efforts less disruptive. Our techniciAns have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips so that they can use the best methods and the most suitable cleaning agents on your commercial carpet. Our high performing powerful truck mounted drying system can have your carpeting dry in an hour. Competing companies require at least 3 hours to achieve a similar result. We are fast, green and the highest rated cleaning experience.

Furthermore, Executive Green Carpet Cleaning Service uses products that will not do harm to your property. Unlike other area carpet cleaners, we follow the methods dictated by major carpet manufacturers.

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There is no better way to judge a company than listening or reading actual customer comments about their experiences with the company. We have included a random sampling of comments from our website.

You can find out more about our heralded cleaning services by reading the reviews customers leave on our website. These are unsolicited and honest appraisals of some of these that had been submitted by customers. We have included reviews by individuals and customers Scott S and Rochelle C. See Below. You can find several more on our website:http://www.executive green carpet cleaning.com/.

“The best”
We use them all the time. Super friendly and awesome work EVERY TIME.
Scott S. 11/7/15

“High Quality Service”
Executive Carpet Cleaners has been cleaning my carpets since I moved into my home in about 13 years ago. Dave, the owner is very conscientious about doing an excellent job. Now his son is helping out and has the same work ethic as his dad. In addition to doing great work, their prices are reasonable. It has really been great having them service my carpets. I have recommended Executive Carpet Cleaners to my family and friends and they have been quite satisfied with the service.
Rochelle C. 11/5/15

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