Family enjoying a holiday meal.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Before the holiday season arrives and you open your home to friends and family for Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas parties, you need to get your home prepared. That doesn't mean that you need to remodel each room in your house or replace your furniture. Preparation means cleaning, decorating, and making your home comfortable so that you can relax and enjoy the time that you have with those you love during the holidays.

Here’s how.

Set Up a Buffet and Bar Area

If you plan on having parties where guests serve themselves, then consider arranging an area of your kitchen or living room where you can set out plates and cups for people to help themselves. Place a centerpiece in the middle of the counter or table for a festive touch. If you're using a long table, then consider placing trays of food and beverages on each end to balance the decorations that are in the center of the table.

Display Your Food

When serving food to your guests at a holiday party, use bowls, platters, and other containers that symbolic of the season. A Christmas party might feature red and white as well as a few ornaments scattered around the table and even candy canes between the plates. Tiered platters are an excellent idea if you're serving cookies, small cakes, or candies. You want your guests to enjoy the food that they are served by making it as festive as possible.

Clean Your Floors

A few days before your guests arrive, have your carpets, tile and hardwood floors professionally cleaned. If you don't want guests walking in a particular area, then hang a festive tablecloth or drape from the ceiling to keep the party area separate from the rest of your home. When your guests leave, spend time cleaning your floors again so that dirt and debris don't settle onto the surfaces.


There's nothing like festive decorations when you have guests in your home for the holidays or even when you're just spending time with your family. There are a few ways that you can decorate depending on the colors that you like and the style that you enjoy.

Elegant: Consider using silver, gold, and white along with a little glitter. Avoid using a lot of the playful decorations as you want to keep the appearance charming and sophisticated.

Playful: Go bright! And stick with reds and greens. String lights on banisters and along the edges of counters. You could also hang large ornaments from the ceiling in some of the rooms of your home.


When getting your home ready for the holidays, make your guests as comfortable as possible. Here are a few pointers:

  • If there will be children in your home, then create an area where they can play without feeling as though they are making a mess or are bothering the adults.

  • Make sure your appliances work so that you can prepare food.

  • Check your water heater to ensure that there is plenty of hot water for guests who might spend the night.

  • Bathrooms should have all of the necessities that guests will need such as toilet paper, soap, and air fresheners.

  • Consider using an essential oil diffuser so that festive aromas waft through your home for the holidays.

Bottom line: Follow the steps above to create lasting memories for you and your guests. To learn more about our floor cleaning services, contact Executive Green Carpet Cleaning at (630) 990-8600. We look forward to helping make your holidays bright!