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Oriental rugs are beloved items that truly turn a house into a home. Whether it was lovingly passed down from a relative or a personally chosen addition, your connection to this item can never be understated. When our Naperville rug cleaning technicians are cleaning your rug, they do so with the understanding that this is a precious heirloom that you love. When your rug needs exceptional care and attention, turn to Executive Green Carpet Cleaning.

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Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Process in Naperville

Many people hire companies to write good information for their websites but are unable to back up the quality of their work. When you trust Executive Green Carpet Cleaning with your precious oriental rug, we treat it with the care it deserves. Our Naperville oriental rug cleaning team will even send pictures as we wash the rug on-site so that you see first-hand the attention to detail that we put into every job.

Step-by-Step Oriental Rug Cleaning Techniques:

  • Gentle but thorough cleaning in the wash pit
  • Special rinse to begin removing the soap from the rug
  • Clean, clear water soak to ensure no soap is left behind
  • Grooming to set the pile and soften the fibers
  • Lifting the rug to remove excess water
  • Final detailing to the fringe of the rug

DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips for Naperville Residents

Wondering if you can clean an oriental rug at home yourself? The answer is yes! While we recommend professional cleaning services for precious rugs, it is possible to do it yourself (especially if you’re familiar with fabric and process).

How to Safely Clean Your Oriental Rug at Home:

  • Vacuum – When starting the cleaning process, vacuum the rug first. This will remove particles and debris from getting wet and sticking to the rug.
  • Cleaning – Create your cleaning solution. You can use rug shampoo, mild soup, or baking soda. Read the rug’s label (if available) for special instructions. Apply the solution to the rug and use a firm sponge to clean. Use gentle strokes going in the same direction to avoid wearing the fabric.
  • Rinse – Rinse out the solution from the fabric carefully. Squeeze out the water – you can use a window squeegee to help with this.
  • Dry – Dry your rug on one side, before flipping it to dry the other side. Avoid leaving your rug in direct sunlight for too long to prevent discoloration.

We hope these steps help you with your cleaning. Feel free to reach out to our professional cleaners with all of your questions. Our Naperville team has the training and experience working with even the most delicate oriental rugs.

Preserve Your Oriental Rug for Future Generations

Your oriental rug can last for generations if treated with care. Unfortunately, improper cleaning solutions and corrosive chemicals can ruin the colors and fabric, preventing you from enjoying this item for as long as you can. Executive Green Carpet Cleaning treats every rug as though it was our own family heirloom.

Experience Our Signature Rug Cleaning for All Rug Types

We give them the deep cleaning necessary to remove dust, stains, and odors. Let our Naperville oriental rug cleaning specialists restore your rug and prepare it to stay with your family for years to come.

Whether your rug needs a surface cleaning in your home, or a deep cleaning in our plant, we are able to determine what is best for you. Relax, and let our experts decide!

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