How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

Many people wonder how often they should get their home carpets professionally cleaned.

If your carpets have no major stain issues, a yearly cleaning is ideal. When you get your carpet thoroughly shampooed, rinsed and dried, your carpet and furniture will stay cleaner longer. It’s not only what you see that is the issue. Oil and grit work their way into the bottom of carpet fibers and cannot be seen to the naked eye. These unseen particles are what prematurely wear out carpet fibers or creates lines and wear markings over time.

Of course, if there are pet or other stain issues, carpet cleaning needs to be done more often. You can call as soon as a tough stain occurs, or, if it’s very minor, we’d recommend a cleaning every 6-months.

Executive Green Carpet Cleaning specializes in removing stains, pet odors and more. There’s nothing better than walking on and living around the freshly cleaned carpet.